Friday, April 6, 2007

A month at the Hensley's

I have a dear friend who has been nagging me about my so-called blog
She seems to think if you have one you should post
What a concept ;)

We've had a busy month since i last posted.
Lots of running for the children... gymnastics, basketball practices & games,
birthday party, fun night at school, art show at school, class parties.....

DH, DD-11, middle & youngest ds went on a float trip... a long one...
river was up so the going was good...
one canoe tipped over...water was cold but not too cold that they didn't
jump in to swim around. The young ones that is...not DH ;)

Trips to the big city ;)
Met for the 4th year w/ a group of internet friends...That was fun.

The pleasure of babysitting wonderful grandchildren :)
They are so sweet & growing fast.
Baby Jack came out to play at grammy's...he was here for about 6 hours.
He was a very good boy.
Will try to post pic's later.

Well for someone who likes to drag a story out i sure have condensed this
month's happenings.
See ya next month
unless my friend nags me so much i have to come back sooner :)


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