Friday, May 9, 2008

Nebraska trip (part 1)

This past weekend we went to Nebraska for an event.

It was a success.
Everyone had a good time.

We picked the children up early at school & headed out.

DH got us a very nice had an indoor pool & hot tub :)
He dropped us off & took the bikes to the event &
we went swimming.

Well the kids did...the water was too cold for me so I stayed in the hot tub.

Sat. we ate breakfast & headed out.

Katy & Sarah rode in the same group but had different lines.
They had to ride through each section 3 times &
than go through them backwards 3 times for Sunday's.

Katy went through them with only 2 dabs (touching the ground w/ a foot)
She ended up in first place.

Now for Sarah...She just started riding about 2 weeks prior...

She had a little bike but graduated to a bigger one about a week ago.

We just got her standing up & headed out of the yard... she also had

some little obstacles to go around & over in the yard.

I was concerned for her...everything so new to her,

but the people there was excellent. Helped each child immensely.

She started out ok, started doing poorly & wasn't too happy but

by the end she started doing great.

Wouldn't stand up though but finished her first event .

She ended up 7th for one day & 8th the next.

We noticed after the event she rode through the sections by herself...

standing up & doing it with no dabs.


Blogger debhmom3 said...

Congrats to your kiddos! :)

May 15, 2008 at 8:48 PM  

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