Sunday, June 24, 2007

Basketball games galore

Oh dear. Looked at this Thurs. & was shocked to see it had been
a week since i had posted.

We just had a busy, busy, busy week.

Well i see by looking at the posts that i have lots of catching up to do.

Start w/ basketball i suppose...
Dd-11 had quite a few practices &
the first shoot-out was Sat. the 16th.
FIVE games in one day.
Wow... that is a lot!
They had quite a few girls so it wasn't left up to a few...
all played in all the games & the coach did very well switching them out.
That's a job all by itself.

They didn't win any :(
but they was playing some good teams & 7 on the team wasn't technically old we was pleased they got in there & played hard.
Good practice for them.
They also didn't get slaughtered & that was a good thing too.
Fun to watch.

This Sat. they played just three games ;)
but they only had 9 players so they had to play more time in each game.
They was getting tired but still they dug in & played hard...very hard.
The first game they was ahead the whole game :)
but than lost it by one point at the very end :( was young players (5th & 6th graders w/ a couple 8th graders)
playing against Jr. high & even some freshman players.
So we was pleased with their effort & know this will only make them
better players in the future.
They also didn't get slaughtered in these games which shows a lot of improvement.

We are so pleased how far these girls have improved since the beginning of this
We're all looking forward to the next season.


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