Friday, June 1, 2007

Summer baseball

DS decided to play baseball this summer.
They had a few practices and than DD-11 decided to tag along.
The ball came rolling to her so she threw it back to the coach.
He said If you can throw like that you get in here & help us.
So she finally did go in after some reluctance at first.

Well than she tagged along to the next few practices...
she was hitting better than a lot of the boys, catching better &
could hustle after the ball better than some.

DS also likes to ride a trials bike out in the woods so on a
riding trip he had a mishap w/ a rock...
his wrist got hurt...still not sure exactly the extent of it
but he had a temporary cast on his arm.

Well the coach really worked w/ dd than...several seemed
to have injuries or wasn't showing up for practice.
He decided he was going to see if he could put her on the
They okayed it so she is now a member of the BOYS Little League!


well when i first told her she had a horrified look on her face
but that didn't last long.

Her brother wasn't pleased about the whole situation
which is probably somewhat natural.

They had their first game last night.
Unfortunately i could not go because younger sister was ill
and they lost 12-1 :(

Guess who got the one ?

Yep...the only girl.
She got on base by a walk & than stole 2nd & 3rd...
well they overthrew the ball so the coach told her to run home.
They tried to throw her out but she beat them :)

Wish i could have been there...sounded exciting.


Blogger Amanda said...

Wow. Way to go!Tell her to keep up the good work.

Connor is playing t-ball again this year. I just love to watch kids play.

June 9, 2007 at 12:19 PM  

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