Saturday, May 31, 2008

Nebraska trip (part 2)

Homer rode Sat. & Sunday.

The first day he ended up in 2nd place but

Sunday he won 1st place.

He rode in the expert level.

This is the first time he's won .
Getting his first place medal.

I don't have any pictures of him riding in the event.

The first day he said I could not get to where he was riding &

the 2nd day I was riding a bike to follow him...

I had a camera but could not get any pictures.

This picture is from THE Pile...

we was at a quarry,

he is at the top.

Oh, I almost forgot he had a small accident Sun. while he was going to

another section. A rock was hiding in the grass & he fell on some gravel.

Poor kid, he hurt his elbow & side. He was pretty shaken up but went

back to racing after we patched him up & still ended up in first.

After the race he went to the van & went to sleep.


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