Sunday, May 27, 2007

I'm here

Well i'm back :)

A few of you have wondered.

After my April post my D-MIL (darling mother in law) had a stroke.
She is coming along great.
She is still in the's been 4 weeks. She will be released to a
skilled nursing home soon.
She has come a long way but still has a ways to go.
She will be moving to a home by us so we will be able to visit her more

I just couldn't seem to blog about the daily chit-chat of my life &
since i still don't know what i want this blog to be about or how open
i want it to be i just blanked out.

I've seen these birthday tickers on another woman's posts in a yahoo
group & finally decided to check the site out.
I really like them. Got a kick out of 'em & can't wait to share them w/
my d-children & my older dd & d-dil's for our sweet grandbabies.
Whom i am hearing of more baby wanna-be's for 2008 :)
Maybe some sweet little grand-daughters ;)
Since we have the boys already :)

Well that's all for tonight...
i'm sure i'll have to figure out how to put these tickers somewhere else
but for now it's good enough ;)

My children's birthday tickers

Lilypie 6th to 18th Ticker

Lilypie 6th to 18th Ticker

Lilypie 6th to 18th Ticker