Sunday, June 24, 2007

Basketball games galore

Oh dear. Looked at this Thurs. & was shocked to see it had been
a week since i had posted.

We just had a busy, busy, busy week.

Well i see by looking at the posts that i have lots of catching up to do.

Start w/ basketball i suppose...
Dd-11 had quite a few practices &
the first shoot-out was Sat. the 16th.
FIVE games in one day.
Wow... that is a lot!
They had quite a few girls so it wasn't left up to a few...
all played in all the games & the coach did very well switching them out.
That's a job all by itself.

They didn't win any :(
but they was playing some good teams & 7 on the team wasn't technically old we was pleased they got in there & played hard.
Good practice for them.
They also didn't get slaughtered & that was a good thing too.
Fun to watch.

This Sat. they played just three games ;)
but they only had 9 players so they had to play more time in each game.
They was getting tired but still they dug in & played hard...very hard.
The first game they was ahead the whole game :)
but than lost it by one point at the very end :( was young players (5th & 6th graders w/ a couple 8th graders)
playing against Jr. high & even some freshman players.
So we was pleased with their effort & know this will only make them
better players in the future.
They also didn't get slaughtered in these games which shows a lot of improvement.

We are so pleased how far these girls have improved since the beginning of this
We're all looking forward to the next season.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Baby in the pool

D-dil took Baby Chance to Whitewater
She said "My goal for the summer...
for Chance to like water"
Click on pic to get a bigger picture...
must see his little face.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

bridge under River Pomme de Terre

in the back of the picture you can see where the water looks white...that is where the bridge is

Monday, June 11, 2007

Athletic Daughter

Today the coach called...the Jr. high/High school coach.
He had a request.
They needed another player for the Jr. high basketball team
for what they call a shoot-out.
Just a another word for tournament.
Most of you probably knew that.
I didn't.

My daughter wasn't home so we was anxious to tell her.
I thought she'd have that same horrified look that she
had when I told her she was going to be on the boys' team.
She didn't, she got this BIG smile on her face.

So she's off to basketball practices with the big girls.
Another girl in her class was there too.

She'll do fine & we are looking forward to watching the games.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

A full week

Another week has gone by.
In case you have never heard this:
Time Flies
Just speeds right by ya

We've had a busy one...
Monday we took a truck up to Spfd. to get worked on,
than ds & dd-11 had a baseball game.

Tues. we went & got the truck, did a little shopping w/ the girls,
had baseball practice, dh had a church meeting.

Wed. we got up bright & early & went to Six Flags.
That was fun.

It was the first time for dd-9 & she was tall enought to be able
to ride any ride she wanted & she wanted to ride every ride!
There wasn't a one that made her scared.
(oh she just informed me that Mr. Freeze scared her when
she was standing in line & could see how fast it was going,
but she got on any way)
There was many that made me nauseous
& made my head feel like it was going to explode.
Even the Screaming Eagel & the Runaway mine train :(
I used to ride those over & over & over again.

Dh did talk me into riding THE BOSS w/ him...

that was scary because he said it gave him a headache...
he never gets headaches...
he said it was longer, faster & bigger than the Screaming eagle...
eeek...i didn't need to be trapped longer!
I got on it & it was great...
than since there was no line we did it again...
& again...
They had this little passageway you could cut through
without having to go back to the entrance...
the walk alone would have discouraged any third & more times.
Well we rode that enough to make DS & I queasy,
the girls rode it a few more times.
We left just before 8 p.m.,
I think the kids were asleep before we got to the next town.
We stopped and got them some food (?) from McD's but not one
of them woke up good enough to eat it all. Some more than others.
Cute...glad they had a good time.
Thurs. we (or maybe that was just me ) re-couped all day,
than had a baseball game that night.
DS played this time with his hurt hand but another player
found he did have a broken arm so he is out for good.
DS did get a hit & a run & dd-11 walked & got a run. :)
There team got several more & they was able to win. Yipppeee.
Fri. I re-couped some more,
went to town that evening for dinner out.
Went & visited D-mil.
Sat. the boys went riding, they had an extra rider who
happens to have a little girl in dd-9's class so she came
out to play. That was really nice for dd-9.
Unfortunately DS's hand is not healed enough for him to ride :(
Than dd-11 had a friend call & want her to come over,
so they came & got her.
When the boys got done they headed out for pizza,
than dd called & her family came out.
Than we had Church/business meeting.
Sunday we had Church,
than went to town for fast food &
went & visited D-mil.
D-fil got her up for a walk...
They looked like they was doing a dance together.
It was very sweet.
Well home again & than Church that night.
Wow... a busy, busy week.
Sorry this is so long...
Maybe i should try to post more than once in a while ;)

Friday, June 1, 2007

Summer baseball

DS decided to play baseball this summer.
They had a few practices and than DD-11 decided to tag along.
The ball came rolling to her so she threw it back to the coach.
He said If you can throw like that you get in here & help us.
So she finally did go in after some reluctance at first.

Well than she tagged along to the next few practices...
she was hitting better than a lot of the boys, catching better &
could hustle after the ball better than some.

DS also likes to ride a trials bike out in the woods so on a
riding trip he had a mishap w/ a rock...
his wrist got hurt...still not sure exactly the extent of it
but he had a temporary cast on his arm.

Well the coach really worked w/ dd than...several seemed
to have injuries or wasn't showing up for practice.
He decided he was going to see if he could put her on the
They okayed it so she is now a member of the BOYS Little League!


well when i first told her she had a horrified look on her face
but that didn't last long.

Her brother wasn't pleased about the whole situation
which is probably somewhat natural.

They had their first game last night.
Unfortunately i could not go because younger sister was ill
and they lost 12-1 :(

Guess who got the one ?

Yep...the only girl.
She got on base by a walk & than stole 2nd & 3rd...
well they overthrew the ball so the coach told her to run home.
They tried to throw her out but she beat them :)

Wish i could have been there...sounded exciting.